We use fresh ingredients.
why is that?

Nothing beats a piping hot pizza baked with the freshest of ingredients. Yes, sure, we all enjoy the quick-frozen pizzas that we pop into the oven when life gets too hectic and we don’t have time to cook. But when you decide to craft your own pizza at home or visit your local pizza shop, you want to make sure that you are enjoying ingredients that are fresh and not overly processed. At Crust Bucket, the presence of freshness cannot be denied.

Being able to smell, taste and appreciate all the ingredients of a pizza makes your pizza experience all the greater. Better ingredients call for a better, more delicious pizza. Our food is like a ‘cheat day’ but without the guilt because you know you are being served the freshest ingredients. Eat dinner guilt-free, as if you’ve made it in your own kitchen.


hausarbeit schreiben lassen

 Who we are

This company was set up by Darragh Mullin in May 2017. He is the proud owner of Carroll’s Bar on Lower Dominick Street, in the heart of Galway. The Crust Bucket was established in the Beer Garden located on the premises of Carroll’s Bar. The Crust Bucket is a vibrant, trendy new Wood fired Pizza Restaurant located in a Double Decker Bus in the newly refurbished Beer Garden. The 20-year-old bus was refurbished into a fully operating restaurant which can seat 36 people comfortably at any one time, as well as the space available in the accompanying Beer Garden.